(Re)Thinking Violence in Health Care Settings: A Critical Approach

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But, by its title, this book emphasises 'rethinking' such violence. To this effect, it explores ideas that are rarely discussed in the scientific or popular literature and suggests that violence in healthcare settings is also exerted by employers and healthcare providers against both patients and healthcare providers themselves This is an absorbing book, born out of passionate concern for both staff and patients, incarcerated in intrinsically uncaring institutions.

Anyone in the healthcare field should find it provokes much soul-searching.

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The authors discuss a number of research studies and refer to critical theorists such as Erving Goffman, Pierre Bourdieu, Slavoj Zizek and Michel Foucault. But they do not get hung up on the theory.

They spell out the findings in a straightforward, reader-friendly manner. This is an excellence reference guide for reflection - and 're-thinking'. The discussion encourages us to develop our awareness and reconsider the way we think about such topics as tolerance, violence and bullying. The content is relevant to students, nurses, doctors, NHS managers and policy makers, as well as patients.

A Team Approach to Stopping Workplace Violence in Healthcare Settings

It is an essential read for a reality check on nursing, and for those wanting to know more about violence and bullying in organisations. It also offers a great deal of insights into nursing compassion and therapeutic care. Nursing Standard 'The collection includes chapters that are likely to be somewhat controversial on topics like the swearing experienced by nurses, the policing of pornography in high secure care, bullying among nurses, and the 'violence of tolerance' in multicultural health workplaces.

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Overall the book does, at it claims, provide new and unique insights regarding violence in health care, which should s. Murray; The violence of tolerance in a multicultural workplace: examples from nursing, Trudy Rudge, Virginia Mapedzahama, Sandra West and Amelie Perron; Changing discourses of blame in nursing and healthcare, Hannah Cooke; Hospital policies regarding violence in the workplace: a discourse analysis, Penny Powers; Exploring violence in a forensic hospital: a theoretical experimentation, Amelie Perron and Trudy Rudge; Nurses' failure to report elder abuse in long-term care: an exploratory study, Gloria Hamel-Lauzon and Sylvie Lauzon.

Part III Patients' Violence: Assessment of risk and special observations in mental health practice: a comparison of forensic and non-forensic settings, Elizabeth Mason-Whitehead and Tom Mason; Policing pornography in high-secure care: the discursive construction of gendered inequality, David Mer.

(Re)Thinking Violence in Health Care Settings – Bóksalan

Du kanske gillar. Permanent Record Edward Snowden Inbunden. For the Record David Cameron Inbunden. Lifespan David Sinclair Inbunden. While the willingness to embrace such theoretical pluralism is appealing it does have the effect of making the volume less coherent. At the same time some chapters were not explicitly informed by any social or cultural theory, adding to the unevenness of the book.

It is also the case that the primary focus is on nursing with little consideration given to other professions in the health care work force. Of the eighteen chapters in the book, the majority are written by Canadian or Australian authors, with three coming from UK authors and a similar number from those based in the US. This geographical spread could have provided the basis for making comparisons between health care systems regarding the way in which violence is manifested, but the editors did not explore this opportunity.

Finally it is noteworthy that the health care workplace under consideration here is mainly hospital or psychiatric facilities, thereby ignoring how violence impacts on health care workers who practise in the community. Although uneven in quality and narrowly focused on one specific health care profession, it provides a resource for those who are interested in researching the issue of violence in health care and raises important issues for further consideration.

Volume 34 , Issue 8.

Aggression and violence against health workers. It's never OK

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